[This web page is included on the website, because a Project Monarch victim is remotely observed by numerous people.
The many people who observe a Project Monarch victim try to portray their observations as some kind of fan club.
But it is probably a club of "negative interest". i.e. People who have detrimental intent toward a person so they observe a person.

The people who remotely observe a person might be involved in "Baphomet Worship" customs.
Baphomet Worship is probably a selfish religion where observers(racists/clans/tribalists) pretend they are worshipping someone,
but really the observers are materialists/atheists who worship no-one except themselves.]

This website might also have a purpose to connect people who are alone/lonely/solitary/unattached because they are
adversely affected by the reality of biological experiments (Project Monarch experiments).
If you are someone who is seeking companionship or can provide companionship, you can send your email to this address.


Email 1:
[administrator - contact 1]


Email 2:
[administrator - contact 2]

Why does this webpage exist on this website?
Some information that someone might want to read...

[acronym: the author(s) of this website = t.a.o.t.w]

misanthrope/misanthropist(definition) : One who hates or distrusts his fellow man.

(Another definition) Misanthropy is generalized dislike, distrust, disgust, contempt or hatred of the human species or human nature.

mild misanthropist: Perhaps a person who distrusts his fellow man/person, but doesn't hate.

Bible verse(s) that might justify misanthropy/mild misanthropy: Romans 7:18 <--- The apostle Paul writing about the condition of the general human (human condition).
The bible verse might be a description of you who are reading this,whether you are a [misanthrope]/[mild misanthrope] or not.

Someone wanted t.a.o.t.w to contact their fan club with suggestions that they could find companion(s).
But t.a.o.t.w don't want to contact their fan club because:
- T.a.o.t.w don't idolize people. T.a.o.t.w are a fan no person. T.a.o.t.w don't trust celebrities. T.a.o.t.w don't trust the media.
- there is a possibility that [the someone mentioned above]/[such a person] who is a celebrity is probably a criminal that needs to be prosecuted.

T.a.o.t.w don't trust celebrities. T.a.o.t.w don't trust the media.
T.a.o.t.w care nothing for the concept of popularity.
T.a.o.t.w think it is more important to be a good person than to be popular.
T.a.o.t.w think it is more important to be good than to be cool.
It is more important to be able to discern what is right or wrong than to be influenced by what seems popular/cool.
Good is different from cool.
Good is different from popular.

Perhaps t.a.o.t.w are what is termed contrarian(s).

What does popularity mean?
Popularity is like a herd of cattle running over a cliff.
To be popular, you are expected to be part of the herd of cattle.
If you want to be popular you need to be part of herd, run over the cliff, and die at the bottom of the cliff.

Popularity is part of the wide road that most humans find and leads to destruction.
[See Matthew 7:13-14]

Later someone wanted t.a.o.t.w to go on a trip to Europe. Someone said they were from an organization called the Hanseatic League.
But t.a.o.t.w [think/[are of the opinion]/[are quite sure] that the Hanseatic League is a modern Illuminati organization.
T.a.o.t.w don't trust Illuminati organizations.

When a person is a Project Monarch victim, and when a person is making progress in his life,
there is a behaviour by experimenters of turning on electronic harassment effects,

and then observing the Project Monarch victim with females who the experimenters suggest might be suitable for the Project Monarch victim.
[When electronic harassment effects become evident to the Project Monarch victim, the females who begin to observe are possibly like
the biological experimenters starting a conveyer belt of females designed to quash human rights court cases.]

T.a.o.t.w don't trust experimenters. T.a.o.t.w are sure that what the biological experimenters are involved in eugenics experiments
so that the experimenters intend for a Project Monarch be kept isolated from females.

T.a.o.t.w are not looking for love. T.a.o.t.w are not the type of person/people to fall in love with anyone.
T.a.o.t.w are seeker/seekers of justice, not seeker/seekers of love.
T.a.o.t.w want to justice to occur.Justice must occur.

If people contact t.a.o.t.w by email concerning companionship, could it lead to a business opportunity?
T.a.o.t.w are not sure.
T.a.o.t.w have many ideas about forming a business of kind.

T.a.o.t.w don't care whether people want to contact t.a.o.t.w for companionship, or whether whether people don't want to contact t.a.o.t.w for companionship.
T.a.o.t.w know that there exists a potentially huge legal case against the Australian Government...
T.a.o.t.w are not afraid of anyone.

If some woman/some women want to contact for t.a.o.t.w for companionship,they can contact this website.
If someone wants to contact the fan club of t.a.o.t.w, here is an email address that could be used for the fan club of t.a.o.t.w.
Do t.a.o.t.w have a fanclub? Maybe one day t.a.o.t.w might have a fan club. And here is an email contact that could be used for fan club of t.a.o.t.w.

See email addresses posted above.

etc,et cetera,et cetera...


Some information to do web searches about(to research for yourselves):
Right wing christians aren't really christian. Jesus was a leftist.
Right wing christians are contradictory in their beliefs. Leftist christianity is more consistent.
Rightist christians are racists/nationalists.Jesus preached the brotherhood of man.Brotherhood of man is a leftist ideology.
Brotherhood of man implies brotherhood between [different nations]/[different races].
The orthodox church supports rightist christianity(contradictory christianity).The orthodox church promotes nationalist/racist/[segregation agendas],
Catholic church is more universal/leftist/racially tolerant.

[Mathew 28:18-20, Romans Chapter 5 ,1 Corinthians 15
Ecclesiastes 33:10 <---- can be interpreted as all men are from Adam(first man/first human group)]

Protestant churches pretend to be racially tolerant,but protestant churches tend to promote racism/nationalism/[racial segregation],
similar to the Orthodox church.
Protestant churches are often influenced by Freemason beliefs. Freemasons are militant racial/clan/tribal occultic brotherhoods similar to Templars.

The above being said,t.a.o.t.w is probably distrusting religious leaders.
i.e. Generally distrusting any/all religious leaders because they have all been silent over the years about racist technology.



Evidence that protestant nations are secretly racist (based on nationalism and freemasonry) compared to catholic nations
which are more universal in their preaching activity, more racially tolerant toward native populations.

Where there is colonisation by protestant countries, the native populations are exterminated and replaced by protestant Europeans.

Where there is colonisation by catholic countries, the native populations survive in large numbers.

e.g. North America, Australia were populated by the protestant British and the native populations such as the
Amerindians and Australoids have dwindled to very small numbers while the British populations have become large.

e.g. South America,Haiti,Philippines were populated by the catholic Spanish and French
and the native or formerly enslaved populations still exist in large numbers.

The author(s) of this website are of the opinion that Eastern Orthodox church denominations are secretly racist (based upon nationalism and freemasonry)
in a similar way to the secret racism of protestant denominations.

This information also implies that Australia is a racist nation that secretly seeks to exterminate certain racial groups , since Australia was founded by the protestant British.


If you are someone seeking companionship with t.a.o.t.w, you would need to be someone [who knows about] & [can openly speak about] about inhumane surveillance methods
such as cybernetic listening devices. i.e. Someone that would be potentially able to assist a legal case, and not be a hindrance to a legal case.

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